Co Founder & Product Designer

Edu Rigonato

Edu Rigonato’s passion for design was ignited as a child when he would immerse himself in drawing comic books. The hours spent crafting characters, their backstories, and the worlds they inhabited, unveiled a burgeoning designer.

In high school, Edu delved into art and graphic design through vocational training. However, his path took a detour when he left school before his senior year to pursue a career in professional soccer – a sport he has been deeply passionate about since his early years.

After several years of playing soccer with various teams, Edu's inherent love for design called him back. During this time, he discovered User Experience (UX) Design and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). This was a game-changer for Edu as it melded his affinities for design, psychology, and technology.

Edu then pursued Business studies at NJCU and specialized in User Experience Research and Design at the University of Michigan. He also completed the Google UX program. These educational pursuits were the building blocks that led him to establish his own design agency.

Edu’s dream was to do what he loved while being an architect of the future. This led him to channel his expertise into sports technology, where he could use his deep understanding of design and human behavior to influence the evolution of the industry.

Edu's extensive travels have also deeply influenced his perspective on design. Having visited around 40 countries and lived in Brazil, the United States, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan, he's gained invaluable insights into different cultures and design philosophies. One such learning came from observing the compact living spaces in Japan and Hong Kong, which taught him the importance of efficiency and prioritization in design - aspects he actively integrates into his work.

With his “Function & Form” design philosophy and the insights gleaned from HCI, Edu found the perfect amalgamation in sports technology. Alongside Rich Hill III, he co-founded Taurist Technologies. Their mission is to collaborate with pioneering companies in sports technology, contributing to the very fabric of the industry's future through innovative design and development. Through Taurist Technologies, Edu continues to be a driving force, transforming his visions into reality.

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