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We're transforming sports experiences and boosting your performance with striking design and innovative tech. Explore with us in a free 30-minute consultation or dive into our latest case study to witness the impact. Let's bring your vision to life in the world of sports technology.

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We deliver winning solutions through expert design, innovative tech, and a user-focused approach. Harnessing research, we drive success for sports organizations navigating the tech landscape.

Our Services: Elevating Your Game, One Innovation at a Time

We're more than just a team – we're your partners in transforming the world of sports through design and technology. Discover our services below and see how we create impactful solutions, tailor-made for your unique needs.

Product Design

Building Function First Solutions
We design with a rhythm – the unique pulse of your sport. Our experts work closely with you to create user-focused designs that encapsulate your organization's spirit and needs. Our goal? A blend of creativity and practicality that makes your product a standout in the sports tech scene.

Technology Development

Bridging Ideas and Reality with Next-Gen Tech
At Taurist, we don't just products, we build experiences. We breathe life into your designs using advanced technologies, crafting dynamic experiences that serve your organization and audience. Whether you need an intricate athlete management system or an engaging web app, we're on it, pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations.

Product Strategy & Delivery

Your Goals, Our Strategy – A Winning Playbook
We're not just delivering a product; we're designing a pathway to success. We delve into comprehensive research to ensure our strategies align with your goals and hit the mark. From ideation to delivery, we commit to providing an effective product strategy that propels your organization to new heights in the sports tech landscape.

Ai irify

How we built a brand and website for a Chat Based Artificial Intelligence Software offering IT solutions to businesses.

Conquer App

See how we helped Conquer, a start-up in the sports industry, redesign their online platform for finding pick-up games and facilities. Using extensive usability studies on both the supply and demand side, we identified key pain points and redesigned the entire interface and website. Click to read our case study and learn how we conquered the challenges and delivered a successful solution.

Nowly IO

Discover how Taurist Technologies brought Nowly, a mobile marketplace connecting trainers and trainees, to life from concept to reality. See how we designed and developed the app for iOS and Android to create a seamless experience for both parties. Click to read more.

Empowered Your Sports Organizations With Cutting-Edge Tech Stack


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We have amazing record of customer satisfaction. Here is some kind words form our clients around the world
When overhauling our app we not only got great work, but also great insight into issues and components that we were missing. Taurist was very responsive at all times, which was a huge bonus for us being everyone at Conquer works at different times throughout the day. The designs were all super high quality, and were created quickly to allow us to continue on with our work full-speed ahead. It was great to be able to have ongoing conversations about what makes products high quality and what will position our brand better. Over at Conquer we all have a ton on our plate as we build up our company, so it is so great to be able to take a significant load taken off our backs while also getting higher quality work than we ever could have come up with ourselves. Overall, my team and I agree that hiring Taurist has been one of the best decisions we have made since starting our company.
Tanner Luke
CTO, Conquer Inc.
“Working with Taurist was a fantastic experience overall. Hired originally for UI-UX design for my mobile app but felt like they delivered so much more. They really surpassed my expectations and understood my needs. Taking the time to do the research and offer suggestions when needed was super helpful and appreciated. The communication and professionalism received was outstanding. I will absolutely hire them in the future for other projects. Highly recommended!. Thank you guys.”
Chris Hill
CFO, Nowly Personal Fitness
"I selected Taurist because the founder really understood the market. The best part the level of knowledge not just about Product Design, but the genuine passion for our market and industry. In the end we got great feedback from customers and facility partners. Overall they were a pleasure to work with. They went above and beyond on research and advice outside the project's scope and sent us articles on industry trends, recommendations, and gave referrals to our business."

D. Fructuoso Lopez
President, JOMA Sport
We have had the pleasure of working with Edu from Taurist a few times amongst multiple projects. They’re a very organized team, that comes with fresh ideas & great industry knowledge. What I love about working with Taurist is how realistic they are. They look at everything from a consumer standpoint and are constantly obsessing over their clients & the end users perspective. I would recommend Taurist to anyone & everyone who needs that expertise in their product.
Julio Letrari
President, SSA Futsal

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I can tell you first hand, Taurist isabsolutely amazing. They have helped us increase our monthly revenue by 2 million since they revamped our checkout. Highly Recommened!

Ashley Farruggia
E-commerce Marketing Specialist

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Via our boosting call, you'll talk directly with our founder where you’ll know clear action plans and a constructive roadmap for your success in the call. NO Hidden techniques! We will discuss your needs, so ideas come visible with no alterations.

Meet the Brains Taurist

Our co-founders bring a wealth of expertise and passion to the table, working tirelessly to deliver innovative sports technology solutions to organizations.

Richard Hill III
Co Founder & Lead Developer
Edu Rigonato
Co Founder & Product Designer

We have a team of full-time creatives ready to take on your projects - from ideation to design and development.

We are driven by curiosity and joy in our work. We are curious in approach and joyous in execution.

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The founders behind Taurist

Our co-founders bring a wealth of expertise and passion to the table, working tirelessly to deliver innovative sports technology solutions to organizations.
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