Instagram Digital Design Work for burger company.
Web and App design of Aiirify an AI IT solution software
Business Cards for Taurist Designs
Instagram Digital Design Work for burger company.
Web and App Design for Francine's Travel Brand
Web and App Design for Development Company
UX Design and App Design for Fitness company
Package Design for Cannabis company
UX and App Design for Fitness Brand Company
Web and App Design for Francine's Travel Brand
Web and App Design for Francine's Travel Brand
Adult-use Cannabis Branding and packaging design
Business website design for restaurant
Mobile App Design for fitness app
UX Design for mobile app for fitness
Adult-use Cannabis Branding and packaging design
App designing companies for fitness brand
Packaging Design for Cannabis company
UX Design for mobile app for fitness
Business web design and App Design for fitness brand

We make designs that give you


We are a digital design company that specialize in three fields.

🧳Travel & Tourism

🚧 Construction & Contracting

🌿Cannabis & Hemp Products

↳ What we can do for you

Mobile App Design
Web Design
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Marketing

To succeed you must know your audience. That's why we put research and strategy first. We're nerds and damn proud of it. 🤓

By knowing the demographics you can understand what your client wants.

By learning their psychology you can understand why they want it.

We help you build that everlasting impression.

The best products are built for the people who use them. That's why we care about the user experience and ignore all that noise.🔇🙉

Over 40% of companies don't consider their users during development.

Businesses that focus on design and user experience generate 32% more revenue.

Around 50%
 of major companies don't conduct user research before designing. We're the nerds that do.

You leave an impression with the stories you tell and the emotions you evoke. That's why we build brands that not only elevate, but also resonate.🛫📈

Brands with a strong, consistent message, are more memorable.

Companies that place branding at the forefront saw a massive 228% ROI.

You can't have longevity without a consistent and emotional driven identity and purpose.

Brand design service

Your website or app says a lot about you and your business. That's why we're here to let everyone know just how sexy you two are!😏😍

81% of customers search online before they make a purchase or visit a physical store.

94% of customers leave or mistrust a website due to bad design.

75% of your website's credibility is based on its overall design and aesthetics.

Digital design for cannabis

                  You give us an idea• We give you the world•

and if you ruled the world• imagine that•

Our 4-Step process



Design agency bubble tea and coffee

We put our nerd glasses on, down crazy amounts of caffeine, and figure out everything there is to know about you, your business, needs, your future objectives, and most importantly your customers.

Congrats! You're one step closer to greatness. 💹
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🤛Awesome! Your competition won't know what hit them. 🤜
We'll call you in less than 24 hours!
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Brainstorming for Digital Design

With great power comes great WEB slinging (pun intended). We take this ridiculous amount of research, brainstorm and develop a strategy to maximize that sweet sweet profit baby.



Web App Designer working hard

We apply the previous steps and make that brand be a little more you and a little less them. That’s why everything must be reviewed and approved by you before moving forward.

We're excited to show you how to improve your conversions 🛐
umm... what happened to your email address? 📩



Now that we got all that boring stuff out of the way. We work  an ungodly amount of hours "to death" building a carefully crafted product that stands the test of time.

Web design is a killer
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Cannabis Flower packaging design

Our clients are the best.

“Working with Taurist was a fantastic experience overall. Hired originally for UI-UX design for my mobile app but felt like they delivered so much more. They really surpassed my expectations and understood my needs. Taking the time to do the research and offer suggestions when needed was super helpful and appreciated. The communication and professionalism received was outstanding. I will absolutely hire them in the future for other projects. Highly recommended!. Thank you guys.”

Rich Hill II
CEO, RLX Coded

Design company for Developers

“Finding like minded people to work with is always difficult, but after my first meeting with them I knew our business found a diamond in the rough. They provided us a timeline & guided us daily through a suave website creation process. Great team of people with stellar communication, & five star quality work are just a few characteristics that I would use to describe the Taurist Team."

Lucas Braga
Braga Brothers Contracting

Website design for contracting company

“I absolutely love these guys, they listen and let me talk and are able to communicate exactly what I want in ways I can’t.”

Francine Chagas
President, Francine's Travel

Website design for travel agent

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