Never worry about finding your next customer

Once you're done with our S.E.C.R.O.™ program all that will be left for your team to do is close the sale.

Market Research for small business
Market Research
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for small business
Search Engine Optimization
Branding Identity for Small Business
Small business website package
Web Design
Conversion Rate Optimization for small business
High Conversion Rates
increase on revenue guarantee

The five phases of online success

Great websites don't only need to be found. They need to convert visitors in to paying customers. Better websites automate the whole customer journey. S.E.C.R.O. does it all.

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Phase 1 - Market Research and Competitive Analysis

We conduct market research and competitor analysis to pinpoint gaps in the market for you to take advantage of. We also gather what your target audience is searching for online and the pain points we can address.

market research for small business and Branding for small business
Phase 2 - Understanding your customer

We interview and gather insights on your target audience and nurture your brand and messaging to connect with your customers and communicate the benefits of choosing your business over your competitors.

Customer research for small business
Phase 3 - Create

We build you a one-of-a-kind non-template website made to be found easily online and generate qualified leads. Best of all your website will require no maintenance costs after launch.

Unique website packages for small business
Phase 4 - Retain

As a business owner, we know you're busy. So we automate all of website, email communication, and marketing to run for you. So you don't need to worry about retaining those leads. Best of all, you don't even need to be a techie.

Website and marketing Automations for small business
Phase 5 - Optimize

Now that we built something unique and made to last. We don't stop there. Every month we optimize your website to attract as many visitors as possible, convert them to paying customers, and keep them loyal to you.

Split Testing for small business
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How long will it take?

We’re make it simple for you to understand the basic principle of our products


Marketing program for small business that guarantees results.


Research on average takes 2 weeks to complete


Marketing program for small business that guarantees results.


Interviews on average take 2 weeks to complete


Marketing program for small business that guarantees results.


The building process takes 4 to 8 weeks to complete


Marketing program for small business that guarantees results.


Post launch automation takes 1 to 2 weeks to complete


Marketing program for small business that guarantees results.


Optimization lasts for 3 months with an option to extend

How much does it cost?

No surprise fees, add-on services, or miscommunication. With S.E.C.R.O.™ you know exactly what to expect.


For the small business that wants to see their traffic grow.


First Class

For the small business that wants to see their traffic grow and their customers stay loyal for years to come.

First Class
Market Research
2 Competitors
5 Competitor
10 Competitors
User and Customer Interviews
3 Interviews
5 Interviews
15 Interviews
Keyword SEO
50 Keywords
50 Keywords + 2 Competitors
50 Keywords + 5 Competitors
Brand Identity and Guidelines
50 Keywords + 2 Competitors
50 Keywords + 5 Competitors
UX/UI Design
2x + Wireframes and
Information Architecture
3x + User Testing
Website Development
Up to 5 Pages
Up to 10 Pages
Up to 15 pages
CMS Collections
On Page and Off Page SEO
AHREFS DR 30+ Guarantee
AHREFS DR 40+ Guarantee
AHREFS DR 40+ Guarantee
Analytics + Google Search Console/Bing Webmaster Tools
Local SEO (Where needed)
On Page and Off Page SEO
AHREFS DR 30+ Guarantee
AHREFS DR 40+ Guarantee
AHREFS DR 40+ Guarantee
CRM and Process Automations
No CRM - 5 Automations
CRM + 10 Automations
CRO and Split Testing
1 Page Optimization per month
1 Page Optimization per month
On Page and Off Page SEO
AHREFS DR 30+ Guarantee
AHREFS DR 40+ Guarantee
AHREFS DR 40+ Guarantee
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How good is the work?

They really surpassed my expectations.

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“Working with Taurist was a fantastic experience overall. Hired originally for UI-UX design for my mobile app but felt like they delivered so much more. They really surpassed my expectations and understood my needs. Taking the time to do the research and offer suggestions when needed was super helpful and appreciated. The communication and professionalism received was outstanding. I will absolutely hire them in the future for other projects. Highly recommended!. Thank you guys.”

Chrisopher Hill, RLX Coded
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They are constantly obsessing over their clients.

Learn about us

We have had the pleasure of working with Edu from Taurist a few times amongst multiple projects. They’re a very organized team, that comes with fresh ideas & great industry knowledge. What I love about working with Taurist is how realistic they are. They look at everything from a consumer standpoint and are constantly obsessing over their clients & the end users perspective. I would recommend Taurist to anyone & everyone who needs that digital push in their business.

Creative Studio Design
Jon Gonzalez, Studio 303
Learn about us

Great team of people with stellar communication

Learn about us

“Finding like minded people to work with is always difficult, but after my first meeting with them I knew our business found a diamond in the rough. They provided us a timeline & guided us daily through a suave website creation process. Great team of people with stellar communication, & five star quality work are just a few characteristics that I would use to describe the Taurist Team."

Lucas Braga, Braga Brothers Contracting
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Whatever challenge
they figure out a solution.

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“I absolutely love these guys, they listen and let me talk and are able to communicate exactly what I want in ways I can’t. Whatever challenge I put in front of them they figure out a solution.”

Francine De Melo, Francine's Travel
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Work so good, you'll look twice

Our Services

What else do you do?

We specialize in services that every small business needs

We make designs that succeed.

Businesses that focus on design and user experience generate 32% more revenue.
Increase customer engagement, sales, and reduce your marketing cost with our user centered design services.

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User Interviews

We find and interview your ideal customer to understand their pain points in order to best address the problem we are designing for.

User Testing

Understanding your users is one thing. But experiencing their reaction to your product and making improvements that actually work is what sets winners apart.


Try before you buy. Websites and applications are expensive to build, not to mention the upkeep. Try out your product before spending thousands of dollars on development.

Accessibility Design

Good designs are made for the people that use them. Great design makes them accessible to all, regardless of condition.

Be Unique

Companies that place branding at the forefront see a massive 228% Return on Investment. You only do that by building a consistent message and look.

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Competitive Audit

Get a leg up on the competition by understanding exactly what they're doing and what they're customers are saying.

Brand Strategy

Exploit gaps in the market in order to stand out from the rest and establish your own unique value proposition and niche.

Brand Identity

Motivate your staff and inspire your customers by building an identity and culture around your business.

Brand Guidelines

Cover every visual aspect of your brand from Business Cards to Social Media. Logo presentation to even uniforms. We build consistency that your customers can't forget.

Find and keep your customers

It's just not enough for users to find your website on search engines. You need to get them to stay, and become paying customers.

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Search Engine Optimization

We offer keyword research, keyword ranking, content development, internal linking, back linking, and technical SEO. Everything to make sure your site performs.

Local SEO

Dominate the local market with a focus on customer reviews, local citations, Google Business Profile, Bing places for business, geotaggin, and more.

Analytics Wizardry

Understand the traffic and what you're customers are searching for. What buttons work and what don't. Keep track of KPIs that actually improve your performance.

Split Testing (A/B)

With all that data and insight update your website so that it performs a little bit better every month. What's the point of that traffic if you can't convince them?

Stop spending on website maintenance

No need to update plugins. No drag-and-drop site builders that give you generic websites. And most importantly, no more f***ing themes that require developers to change or themes that limit any chance for creativity.

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No experience needed

Want to change something on your website but don't have much knowledge of websites? Our designs allow you to update content right on the live site - No developer needed.

One-of-a-kind design

When we build you a website, we ensure that it doesn't look like anything else out there. Unless that's what you want. But you wouldn't be here if that's what you wanted. Right?

Powerful CMS

A content management system (CMS) is similar to a database on your website. This makes life a lot easier and websites dynamic. Define, design, and publish powerful, dynamic websites, with no coding required.

Custom Animations

Adding motion graphics to a website makes it stand out. Website is much more than a place for information. They are an experience for your user and leave a lasting impression.

Automation and intergration

From lead generation to customer emails, We set you up to handle your entire funnel, so you get more time and less upkeep.

Works on any device

We take into account every device and technology when building so that no matter where someone is in the world they can access your website. Even on their TV or their 2008 Blackberry with the side scroll.

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